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Bijgewerkt: 8 mrt 2019

At the Santa Claus Parade in Renfrew the official kick off Saturday December 1st! extra special, because it was grandma Willemke her birthday. She suddenly passed away 4 years ago. Klaas and Ilsa helped me preparing for the parade and my brother Douwe shared his truck! But...! on our way to the parade my Christmas tree and parts from the radio decided to fly away!!!!! It ended up halfway down the road...... onoooh how are we going to fix this....... Klaas jumped in the back of the truck to hold the Christmas tree and we arrived 5 min before time. Santa didnā€™t arrive yet, so let's do this!

I have to be honest my hands were shaking. Klaas and Douwe fixed the radio, the lights and thank God we made it just on time! We started walking handing out coupons and candy šŸ­ and enjoyed all the amazing people! Merry Christmas everyonešŸŽ„ #lovingcaring

Pictures: top left- our dog Pug, top right- our daughter Ilse, bottom left- our son Nick visiting the parade with grandma Hannah, bottom right- the truck with Douwe (driver) and my husband Klaas handing out coupons.

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